What I’m Burning Today – Yankee Cotton Candy Candle

Yankee-Cotton-Candy-Candle-PhotoYankee Candle Description: The scent of this boardwalk favorite is perfectly captured in all its pure, sticky sweet delight.

I picked up the Yankee Cotton Candle Candle during the 2016 holiday sale.  Many of their medium jars were deeply discounted, so I stocked up.  The cotton candy fragrance is hard to find in stores, so I saw this as an opportunity to try this one out. 

The Scent:
On cold, it smelled nice.  The scent was fairly accurate to a ball of cotton candy you get from the fair.  Maybe a little more fruity than your typical cotton candy scent, but still pretty close.  Once lit, the scent was nearly identical to cold.  You get a sugary, fruity scent.  The fruit might be a cherry or berry note, but it wasn’t clearly identifiable.  It was a sweet, candy like fragrance, very reminiscent to cotton candy. 
Scent Rating 3.5 out of 5

The Throw:
With all the large jars we purchase, we started this burn in are large family room.  The throw in this room was non-existent.  We moved it to the kitchen/dining room, and the throw picked up a bit, but was light at best.  From there we moved it to the bedroom, and again, it was very light.  Our bathroom was the only real area where we got a true sense of what the candle smelled like.  Overall, disappointing.
Scent Throw Rating: 1.5 out of 5

Final Thoughts:
I wanted to try this one out, and after burning it, I regret the decision.  The fragrance was nice on cold and I credit Yankee for producing a true-to-life cotton candy fragrance.  But, the lack of scent throw would prevent me from repurchasing this candle, even with a discount.  Maybe a wax tart would have been a better (and more economical) choice.
Not a Repurchase


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