Vanilla Chai Candles from Bath & Body Works

Great Vanilla Scented Candles for Your Home

Vanilla scented candles are some of the most popular candles on the market today. In addition to the pleasant smell, vanilla scented candles offer a number of aromatherapy related benefits.  For decades, Vanilla has been used for its calming & sedative properties. Fever reduction, stress & anxiety relief & mood enhancement are some other uses for vanilla scented candles. The scent of vanilla essential oil has also been shown to curb appetite & stop overeating, but it is unknown whether vanilla candles have the same properties.

Our Own Candle Company Vanilla Scented CandlesOur Own Candle Company is a small independent candle business from Findley Lake, NY.  Their French Vanilla Scented Mason Jar candle is one of the highest rated vanilla candles on Amazon. The candle has an average score of  4.3 (out of 5) with 83% of their 106 reviews garnering a 4 or 5 star rating. People who purchased the candle note that the vanilla scent is “strong” & “sweet”. You can get the 13oz mason jar candle for just $9.99 on Amazon.

Henri Bendel is an upscale fashion brand, with many stores across the United States. Their signature candle line features the Henri Bendel Vanilla Bean Candle, which has been well received by those who have purchased the product.  This candle has a base of both vanilla rum & bourbon vanilla combined with jasmine & a hint of patchouli to produce a pleasant blend of both soothing & earthy. The candle retails for $30 at

The Woodwick Vanilla Bean Candle also has favorable user ratings.  In additionWoodwick Vanilla Candlesto the strong, but pleasant vanilla fragrance, users enjoyed the cracking sounds that come from the brand’s signature wood wick. The candle has a 4.5 rating (out of 5) on Amazon & a 5 star rating on This candle can be purchased at for $19.99

Malie Organics is a Hawaiian based company that use all natural, organic and wild-crafted ingredients. They produce a soy-based Coconut-Vanilla candle that has received positive reviews on  One user stated the candle “makes you think of relaxing in exotic and lush tropical getaway with it’s coconut and vanilla scent”. The 8oz Malie Organics Coconut-Vanilla Jar Candle can be purchased on for $35.

Vanilla Chai Candles from Bath & Body WorksBath & Body Works Vanilla Chai Candle is another great option if you are looking for a great smelling, but soothing vanilla candle. The candle has some spicy nutmeg notes,reminding some users of an eggnog smell.  Reviewers state that the candle is perfect for fall & winter nights. The 14oz jar candle sells for $22.50.

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