McCalls Candles Smores Scented Candle

S’Mores Scented Candles

One of my favorite summer activities is camping.  Taking the family & the dog out to the wilderness to spend some quality time away from the modern world is a great bonding activity. And nothing says camping like making S’mores, those ooey-gooey chocolaty cookies made over a roaring campfire.  A number of candle companies have captured the scent of S’mores in their candle creations, letting you experience this little pleasure all year long.  Below are 5 S’mores scented candle.

Crossroads Candles S’Mores Scented Candle

Crossroads-Candles-SmoresOhio based candle company Crossroads Candles is one of many candle companies to offer S’mores scented candles.  Their high quality paraffin wax candle will burn cleanly and produce a great wax pool. There 26oz jar candle typically burns for about 120 hours and has a great throw.  Their S’mores candle has more of a heavier chocolate scent, with more subtle notes of marshmallow & graham cracker.  As one online reviewer put it, it smells like “you have just made a cup of hot cocoa with a handful of marshmallows floating on top”.  The 26oz jar candle retails for $20.99 and can be purchased on


McCalls Candles S’More Scented Candles

McCalls Candles Smores Scented CandleAnother candle maker offering up a s’more scented candle is McCalls. The company is located in Murrieta, CA, just outside sunny San Diego. Theire S’mores candle comes in many different sizes, ranging from a 12oz jar ($9.99) to a 26oz size ($21.50).  This candle is also heavy on the chocolate notes, but does blend in the marshmallow & graham crackers fragrances as well.


Gorilla Candles S’mores Candle

Gorilla-Candles-Smores-CandlesMichigan based Gorilla Candles is known for their fun, creative candle scents like “Dirt”, “Saw Dust” & “Work Boot” scented candles.  They also make a S’mores candle that combines chocolate, marshmallow & graham cracker with a smokey wood scent to capture the experience of making a S’more cookie.  Their candles come in containers that resemble paint cans. You can purchase this candle online at for $14.



Village Candles Campfire Tales Candle

Village-Candles-CampfireNational candle manufacturer Village candles also sells a S’more scented product.  Their limited edition Campfire Tales candle combines the traditional chocolate, marshmallow & graham cracker fragrances, with top notes of melted marshmallow & chocolate, with bottom notes of graham.  The candle comes in two sizes, an 11oz jar ($16) and a 16oz jar ($21).



Hershey’s S’mores Scented Candle is an online retailer of fun & unique gift items ranging from office toys to kitchen gadgets.  One item they sell is the Hershey’s S’mores Scented Crackling Wick Candle. This 12-oz glass jar candle smells exactly like a mouth-watering s’more, strong with the scent of hershey’s chocolate.  It also features a crackling wooden wick to give you an sound similar to a campfire. This item sells at for $14.99.

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