What I’m Burning Today – Yankee Sugared Apple Wax Tart

Yankee-Sugared-Apple-Wax-Melt-Candle-ReviewYankee Candle Description: A deliciously sweet apple treat . . . a perfect recipe of juicy apples sprinkled with sugar and vanilla.

I generally like Apple scents that Yankee releases, so when I saw a Sugared Apple wax melt in the clearance bin of my local Yankee store, I grabbed one. I thought the notes of apples mixed with sugar & vanilla was intriguing.

The Scent:
Really nice scent.  The sugar & the apple notes really popped and their was a subtle creaminess to the fragrance, most likely from the vanilla.  the apple note wasn’t as pronounced as some of Yankee’s other scents (like MacIntosh), but it was definitely there.  It was as advertised, sweet & juicy.
Scent Rating 4 out of 5

The Throw:
I generally have decent performance from wax tarts and this was no different.  The scent strength was really good, and it traveled well.  The scent was very strong about 3 feet or so from the warmer and you can easily smell it up to about 6 feet from the warmer.  I think it would be ideal in any bedroom, bathroom, hallway or kitchen.  It might struggle some in larger, open rooms.
Scent Throw Rating: 4 out of 5

Final Thoughts:
I liked this one a lot.  I’ve seen some other reviews that said the Sugared Apple jar candles didn’t throw as well, but that doesn’t surprise me with Yankee.  I’m perfectly happy purchasing the wax melts.  This is a sweet, fruity scent and the vanilla adds a creaminess that balances this scent out nicely. This would be a great scent to burn any time of year.


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