John Deere Fresh Cut Grass Scented Candle

It’s Summer! Try these Fresh Cut Grass Scented Candles

Did You Know: The fresh, “green” scent produced by mowing the lawn is the grass trying to heal itself from the injury caused by the mower.  So while the smell is pleasant to us, its actually a distress call from the grass.

Strange as this fact may be, we still like the smell of freshly cut grass. It is most frequently associated with late spring & summer, when we become more active following the cold, winter months. Many candle makers have created products that capture the fresh, clean scent usually produced by freshly cut grass. This article highlights five of the best grass scented candles on the market today.

Aunt Sadie’s Fresh Cut Grass Scented Candle

Aunt Sadie's Fresh Cut Grass Scented CandlesAunt Sadie’s Premium Scented Candles is an independent candle maker located in Lunenburg, Vermont.  They’ve been producing candles for nearly 20 years and have a wide variety of unique scents with seasonal themes. One of the candles they produce is their Fresh Cut Grass Scented Candle, which smells just like a recently groomed lawn in early summer. Amazon reviews rate this candle as 4 out of 5 stars, with reviewers liking the scent and complimenting the burn time. You can pick up this candle for $18 on Aunt Sadie’s website.

John Deere Fresh Cut Grass Scented CandleJohn Deere Fresh Cut Grass Scented Candle

When you think of cutting the grass in summertime, a brand like John Deere may come to mind. The longtime maker of tractors & lawn mowers has embraced its place in the American culture and have released a number of branded products like shirts, decorations & toys.  They’ve also started producing candles with a scent that has become synonomous with John Deere, Fresh Cut Grass. This 12oz jar candle is made from 100% all-natural Soy-Coconut Wax. You can purchase this candle on John Deere’s website for $15.99.

Karen Klein Fig, Black Currant & Fresh Cut Grass Candle

Karen-Kline-Grass-Scented-CandlesYou may have seen Karen Klein brand candles featured in such magazines as “O”, Allure, Redbook or Lucky.  This Santa Barbara based company has received a lot of attention from the press for their Italian inspired candle collection.  One of their more interesting candle scents is the Fig, Black Currant & Fresh Cut Grass candle.  This unique candle combines top notes of grass & red grapes with more subtle notes of fig & black current to produce a calming, relaxing scent reminecent of the wine-growing region of Chianti in Tuscany.  Their 10oz candle retails for $34 and burns for approximately 70 hours.


Yankee Candle Green Grass Scented CandleYankee Candle Green Grass Scented Candle

Yankee Candle produces their own version of a fresh cut grass scented candle.
Their Green Grass candle has a 4 star online rating with most reviewers saying it smells like a fresh-mowed lawn.  A lot of the people who bought this scent had moved from a rural location to a major city and missed the fresh, clean summer scent. As with other Yankee Candles, this scent comes in a variety of sizes with prices ranging from $1 to $13.99.

Gorilla Candles Fresh Cut Grass Scented Candle

Gorilla-Candles-Fresh-Cut-GrassGorilla Candles is a Michigan based candle maker that sells a number of unique fragrances on Etsy including “Gun Oil”, “Work Boots” & “Pull my Finger”.  They also produce a “Fresh Cut Grass” scented candle for sale on Etsy for $14.

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