Colonial Candles Dragon Fruit Scented Candles

Dragon Fruit Scented Candles

It may come as a surprise to you, but many candle companies routinely produce a candle line with the fragrance of dragon fruit. Dragon Fruit has a unique smell, that is both highly sweet, but also tart. Its a great scent for tropical candles & blends well with vanilla, citrus & melon.  Below are some candles currently available for purchase that include notes of passionfruit.

Gold Canyon Hibiscus & Dragon Fruit Scented Candle

Gold-Canyon-Dragon-Fruit-Scented-CandleArizona based Gold Canyon Candles has a seasonal candle that captures the rich aroma of Dragon Fruit in their Hibiscus & Dragon Fruit Candle. A candle with bold scent & a strong throw, this candle blends rich floral notes of Hibiscus with the tropical fragrance of passion fruit.  It also adds notes of papaya & teakwood to enhance the experience. Their large jar candle will burn for up to 200 hours and can be purchased on their website for $21.75.  There are other selections in the Hibiscus & Dragon Fruit line as well.

Colonial Candles Dragon Fruit Scented Candle

Colonial Candles Dragon Fruit Scented CandlesNationally known candle brand Colonial Candles has an extensive line of tropical scented candles.  One of their best sellers in this line is their Dragon Fruit Candle, which combines strong notes of dragon fruit with citrus, guava, pineapple & other tropical scents. You can find many sizes of this candle available for purchase online.  The tea light size retails for just $1.98, while the 22oz jar candle sells for $25.

Salt City Candle Company Dragon Fruit Scented Candle

Dragon Fruit Scented CandleUtah based Salt City Candle Company is a small, family owned business that have been making great smelling candles since 1994.  They focus on creating high quality candles & votives made from choice materials.  Their Dragon Fruit based candle joins the scent of dragon fruit with lemon zest, tangerine & honeydew.  You can purchase a 26oz candle, with an estimated burn time of 130 hours, from their online site for $26.95.


Candles By Victoria DragonFruit Scented Candle

Candles by Victoria Dragon Fruit CandlesTexas based candle company “Candles by Victoria” started in 2000 and became a big hit in the Lone Star State. Since then, Candles by Victoria has been distributed across the USA and has an online site where you can purchase all of their creations. One of their intriguing scents is their Dragonfruit candle that combines dragon fruit with plumeria & driftwood.  There are plenty of sizes to choose from including 4oz, 8oz & 16oz.


Joya Studio Vanilla DragonFruit Scented Candle

Dragon Fruit Scented CandlesJoya is a Brooklyn based company producing a wide variety of fragrance products including perfumes, soaps & candles.  They are committed to producing high quality products that are ethically responsible & locally sourced.  They produce a number of bold scents, one of which is their vanilla & dragon fruit scented candle.  Their 6oz candle will burn for up to 60 hours and can be purchased on their online webstore.

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