Milkhouse Candles Cranberry Amaretto Candles

Amaretto Scented Candles

Did You Know? According to the Food Network, Amaretto was first created in Italy in the 1525, but only made it to United States in the 1960s.  The name Amaretto is of Italian origin from the base word Amaro meaning bitter and is made from the pits apricots and almonds.

Amaretto scented candles have a distinctive fragrance that is popular with those who like baking/cooking scents.  These candles are in high demand during the holidays and during cold winter months.

Courtney’s Candles Amaretto Scented Candle

Courtney's Amaretto Scented CandleCourtney’s Candles is an independent candle maker based out of Joplin, MO.  They’ve been making candles since 1992 and have developed dozens of different fragrances.  One of their top selling candles is their Amaretto candle which has notes of almonds & a hint of cherry. They make their Amaretto candle in two sizes, a 16 oz jar candle ($13.95) & a 26oz jar candle ($17.95)


Milkhouse Candles Cranberry Amaretto CandlesMilkhouse Candles Cranberry Amaretto Candle

Iowa based Milkhouse Candles pride themselves on making all-natural beeswax & natural soy wax candles.  One of their most popular scents is their Cranberry Amaretto Candles, which combine the scents of red, ripe cranberries with a rich amaretto liquor.  They sell this candle in an 8oz milk bottle candle size ($17.95) & a 16oz butter jar candle size ($24.95)

Amaretto Moonshine CandlesCandle Cottage Amaretto Moonshine Candle

The Candle Cottage is a small candle company located in Sevierville, Tennessee. The Candle Cottage has been making candles for over 30 years using lead free wicks and only the finest waxes, dyes, and fragrances available. The company produces a Amaretto Moonshine jar candle that retails for $12.  The candle is a blend of cherries & almonds with liquor notes.


Just Make Scents Amaretto Scented Candlejust-make-scents-amaretto-candle

Etsy store Just Make Scents is a North Carolina based candle shop that produces their own amaretto scented candle that retails for $7.50.  This 9oz hand poured jar candle will burn for about 40 hours.  This candle has notes of sugar and spice with a light vanilla at the base.


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