7 Goose Creek Candles You Should Buy Now

Kentucky based candle company Goose Creek Candles have been making their popular candle creations since 1998.  From the label design, to the materials used for the candle, to the delicate shipping procedures the company uses to ensure your product arrives in good condition, Goose Creek Candles prides itself on being a high quality, detailed-oriented company that strives for perfection.  The company has created dozens of different fragrances, but here are 7 that we are sure you’ll love.

Summer Bali Candle

Goose-Creek-Sunset-BaliThe Goose Creek Summer Bali Candle is apart of the special summer “Passport to Paradise” line.  This candle features a combination of different fruit scents combined with more subtle notes of sandalwood & musk.  Once lit, you will really smell the fruit, in particular pineapple & coconut. Its a very smooth tropical fragrance that has a strong throw, capable of filling a large room very quickly.  The candle performs very well, with a deep wax pool and no soot buildup.  It is a great summer candle that is perfect for when you want to relax.

Apple Pumpkin Scented Candle

Goose-Creek-Apple-PumpkinOne of my favorite fall candles is the Goose Creek Apple Pumpkin Candle.  Both the apple & pumpkin scents are noticeable, but neither overpower the other.  There is also a rich maple sugar scent that comes through, making the candle reminescent of a warm apple or pumpkin pie. The throw of this candle is good, perfect for smaller spaces, but not ideal for large or open rooms. Overall, a solid candle choice for the autumn months.

Summer Sherbet Candle

Another great candle choice for the summer months is the Goose Creek Summer Sherbet candle.  The fragrance of this candle is very similar to a sherbet or sorbet you would get from your local ice cream parlor. There are strong fruit notes, but also very creamy and smooth.  Soot  was a bit of a problem for us, but other online reviews have indicated no issues, so this might have been an anomaly. Performance otherwise for this candle was very solid. The Summer Sherbet candle has a great throw, easily filling a large room in a short period of time.


Bora Beach Candle

Goose-Creek-Candles-Bora-BeachThe Goose Creek Bora Beach Candle is another from the Passport to Paradise line of candle. The description of this candle says it contains vanilla, white musk, hibiscus & island greens. The hibiscus & musk are very prevalent in this candle, more so than the vanilla.  But it is a unique, elegant scent that we found to be very pleasant.  There were no issues with performance, and the throw was adequate for small to medium sized rooms.  The Bora Beach candle is a great choice for relaxing on a lazy, summer afternoon.

Citrus Lavender Candle

Goose-Creek-Citrus-Lavender-CandleThe Goose Creek Citrus Lavender Candle is a cool, refreshing candle that blends mandarin orange & lavender scents together with lemon, jasmine & sandalwood.  The lavender scent is balanced well with the orange scent, as neither overpowered the other.  The result was a clean but vibrant aroma that was very pleasant and screamed springtime. The performance was good with a deep wax pool collecting very quickly after we lit the candle. The throw was also very good, easily filling the large room in which it burned.  A great candle choice for spring and early summer.

Strawberry Lemonade Cupcake Candle

If you’re a fan of sweet candles, the Goose Creek Strawberry Lemonade Cupcake Candle is a Goose-Creek-Strawberry-Lemonade-Cupcake-Candlegreat choice.  The strawberry scent is very strong in this candle as is the sweet sugary notes.  The lemonade scent is more subtle, but is a nice contrast in this candle.  The throw in this candle is very strong, probably one of the strongest we tried. The performance is also very strong, burning clean and producing a great wax pool. A great scent for valentine’s day or a warm spring afternoon.

White Coral Candle

The White Coral Candle from Goose Creek Candles is a rich, complex candle that is slightly perfumy, but also adds fruity & floral elements to its fragrance pallet.  The description mentions the candle has currant, peach and orange scents mixed with vanilla, sandalwood & musk. The orange notes are the most prevalent with the vanilla & musk also coming through.  The White Coral candle is a clean burning candle with a deep wax pool and a strong throw.

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