Henri Bendel Vanilla Woods Candle

6 Henri Bendel Candles You Should Buy

Henri Bendel Candles are a popular choice among people seeking high quality premium candles.  Their 9.4 oz candles retail for $30, which is higher than most other popular candle brands, but these candle burn cleanly & will last a long time.  Here are 6 of the best smelling, best performing candles from Henri Bendel.

Hampton Privet Signature Candle

Hampton Privet Signature CandleHaving been featured in both People & Star Magazine, the Hampton Privet Signature Candle is probably the most popular candle offered by Henri Bendel.  The Hampton Privet candle is the perfect summer candle, combining scents of wet greens, sparkling citrus & apple blossom with floral notes such as jasmine & magnolia.  Its probably one of the more complex fragrance candle made by the Henri Bendel company. Buy Now

Vanilla Bean Scented Candle

HenriBendleVanillaBeanCandleAnother great candle by Henri Bendel is the Vanilla Bean Candle.  As the name suggests, this candle is rich in vanilla fragrance, but not overly sweet.  Its a more mature vanilla scent with a hint of musk. With its powerful throw, it can fill a large room with the pleasant aroma of vanilla in a short period of time.  It has great online reviews, boasting a 4-star rating on Amazon & a near perfect rating on MakeupAlley.com. Buy Now


Firewood Candle

Henri Bendel Firewood CandleAnother Henri Bendel candle with great online reviews is the Firewood Candle.  This candle has a deep woods, smokey scent that would be a great candle to burn on a cold winter night.  With its bold scent, the Firewood candle makes the perfect “man” candle. Like the Vanilla Bean Candle, the Firewood Candle has fantastic rating on a number of online review sites like Amazon, MakeupAlley.com & Bath & Body Works.

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Fig Candle

Henri Bendel Fig CandleThe Fig Candle from Henri Bendel is a warm, unique scent that combines the rich fragrance of fig with more subtle notes of jasmine, anise & sandalwood.  Many have said this candle appeals to both men & women as it is sweet, but also subtle.  The sandalwood notes are a pleasant addition which balances well with the Fig.

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Vanilla Woods Candle

Henri Bendel Vanilla Woods CandleHenri Bendel knows how to make a vanilla candle.  Another well reviewed candle featuring the wonderful aroma of Vanilla is the Vanilla Woods Candle.  This candle burns nice & evenly and the scent distributes around the room at just the perfect amount and not too over powering. It is one of those scents that relaxes you and makes you feel comfortable and content.  This is usually reserved for the winter season, so stock up when you see it on sale.   Buy Now



Lavender Leaves Candle

Henri-Bendel-Lavender-Leaves-CandleThis popular Henri Bendel candle blends fresh lavender scents with notes of sage, bergamot, rose & Eucalyptus to create a clean, fresh & vibrant fragrance. Some Lavender scented candles tend to produce a powdery Lavender scent, but this candle definitely avoids this.  The smell is more reminiscent of a lavender plant (blooms, leaves, stems), which is more herbal & woodsier than more traditional lavender candles.  There is a very good throw on this candle, capable of filling a large room in a short time. Buy Now


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