6 Great Smelling Peach Scented Candles

Did You Know? Peaches originated in China where the peach tree is considered to be the tree of life, and peaches the symbols of immortality and unity.

Many candle companies are increasingly incorporating the aroma of peaches in their candle creations. The scent is very popular in California & Southern states like South Carolina & Georgia, where peach orchards are common.  Peach scented candles are usually combined with sugar & cinnamon notes to give off a peach cobbler or peach pie scent. Below are 6 great smelling candles that prominently feature the aroma of peaches.

McCall’s Ginger Peach Candle

Ginger-Peach-Scented-CandleMcCall’s Candles have been making elegant candle creations from their facility in Murrieta, CA since the early 1990s.  One of the first things you notice is the attractive presentation of McCall’s candles.  The candles are rich in color and the jar & labels are both well done. Their Ginger Peach scented candle is a great smelling combination of peach halves, brown sugar & shaved ginger.  These notes produce a warm, rich aroma, perfect for a cool fall evening. You can purchase a 26oz jar candle, which should burn well over 100 hours, for just $21.50.

Harry & David Oregold Peach Candle

Harry-David-Oregold-Peach-Scented-CandleLong known for their gift & fruit basket business, Harry & David have recently expanded their product line to include candles.  They’ve branded over a dozen scented candles that one would associate with Harry & David. One of those products is their Oregold Peach scented candle, which  uses real Oregold peaches picked in Southern Oregon to produce a strong peach scent. A 16oz, 2-wick candle can be purchased on Amazon for just over $22.  With an estimated burn time of 65 hours, you should get many nights of use from this great peach candle.

Crossroads Candles Peach Cobbler Scented Candle

Crossroads Candles Peach Cobbler Scented CandleCrossroads Candle Company is a family owned business founded in Bucyrus, Ohio in 2003.  All candles made by Crossroads Candle Company are hand poured & hand wicked in the USA and made from high quality paraffin wax.  One of their best selling candles in the fall is their Peach Cobbler scented candle which really captures the aroma of a fresh baked peach cobbler.  This candle combines top notes of fresh peaches with bottom notes of cinnamon, maple & sugar. A few hours with this candle and your mouth will be watering.  A 16oz jar candle retails for $16.50,  while a 26oz candle runs about $21.  Both can be purchased on the Crossroads Candles website.


Produce Candles Peach Candle

Produce Candle Peach CandleSouth Carolina based Produce Candles has some unique candle scents in their extensive produce line.  Unusual scents like Tomato, Kale & Radish will definitely get your attention.   But it was their recent summer peach candle that caught the attention of elledecor.com, which featured the candle on it’s list of the 15 best candles to burn for summer. The website editors likened the peach scent in the candle to “bubble gum,” “Lip Smackers,” and “tropical fruit. You can purchase their 9oz jar candle online for $20.

Clover Valley Candle Georgia Peach

Clover Valley Candles Peach Scented CandleClover Valley Candles have been making high quality candles from their factory in Duluth, Minnesota for many years.  The company prides itself on using only the best soy wax, fragrance oils & cotton wicks.   One of their many fruit scented candles is their Georgia Peach candle which is vibrant with the aroma of a sweet, fresh ripened juicy peach.  A 15oz jar sells for $11.95 on the Clover Valley website.

CoCo & Bubbles Georgia Peach Candle

Peach Scented CandlesCoco & Bubbles is an Etsy store based in Westland, Michigan.  Their candles have uniquely designed labels that are elegant & modern and make a great decorative addition to any home. CoCo & Bubbles has a fragrant Georgia Peach candle that is rich in peach fragrance. Their 100% soy wax candle will burn for about 50 hours and can be purchased on Etsy for $18.50.

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