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Escape with these 5 Mango Scented Candles

Like most tropical fruits, Mango has a complex fragrance which can be both sweet & tangy.  And like many of its tropical cousins, the scent of mango has been used as a stress reliever in some people.  A mango scented candle is a great way to add both sweet & tart notes to any room.

Mango Peach Salsa Candle from Yankee Candle CompanyYankee Candles Mango Peach Salsa Candles

Popular candle maker Yankee Candles has captured the sweet fragrance of Mango in its Mango Peach Salsa Scented Candle.  This candle creation combines note of mango & peaches with other citrus scents as well as ginger flowers & pink pepper. Online reviews from Amazon call the candle sweet, but not overpowering.   This scented candle has a near 5-star rating on both Amazon & the Yankee Candle website. As with most Yankee Candle products, you can purchase this product in various sizes from a small tart wax melt ($1.99) up to a large 22oz. jar candle ($27.99)

Gold Canyon Candles Coconut Mango Scented Candle

Arizona based national candle supplier Gold Canyon Candles also offers a mango scented candle for sale on their website. Their Coconut Mango candle produced a modestly sweet fragrance, which combines strong notes of coconut with mango & citrus. A review posted on stated that the “throw was strong for its size”.  Another reviewer on the same website said it was in the top 3 of her favorite Gold Canyon candles. Like Yankee Candles, Gold Canyon candles can be purchased in a variety of sizes with the most expensive product coming in at $21.75.


Bath & Body Works Sweet Maui Mango CandleMango Candle Bath & Body Works

If you’re looking for a candle to transport you to a tropical island oasis, then the Sweet Maui Mango Candle should fit the bill.  This delightfully fruity candle combines the aromas of mango with mandarin orange slices & ruby red pomegranate seeds.  This candle has 3-wicks and will burn for up to 40 hours.  You can purchase this on the Bath & Body Works website for $22.50.


Colonial Candle Mango Scented CandleColonial Candle Mango Salsa

National Candle retailer Colonial Candle has been producing candles in the United States for over 100 years.  They have no shortage of sweet, fruit based candles including their popular Mango Salsa scented candle. This lush candle has strong notes of Mango combined with more subtle scents of guava & papaya.  A 22oz jar candle can be purchased on their website for $25.



Illume Coconut Milk Mango CandlesIllume Coconut Milk Mango Candle

Illume candles have been featured in numerous magazines & TV shows such as HGTV & Redbook.  The company makes high end candles made from high quality ingredients.  One of Illume’s popular candle scents is their Coconut Milk Mango Candle which has strong notes of pineapple & mango with base notes of coconut milk, sugarcane & vanilla.  The Coconut Milk Mango scented candle comes in votive, pilars & jars with prices ranging from $10 to $28.

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