5 Great Smelling Strawberry Candles

Strawberry scented candles divide many in the candle community.  Some love the fragrance of strawberry candles and will buy them in bulk during any given candle sale.  Others tend to shy away from candles scented with strawberries, saying the smell is too sweet & too “artificial”.  Whether or not you’re a fan of this scent, there are some great candle choices that capture the sweet scent of fresh strawberries. Below are 5 of the best reviewed strawberry scented candles offered by top candle brands.

Yankee Candle Strawberry Buttercream Candle

Yankee-Candle-Strawberry-Buttercream-CandleYankee candle produces a number of strawberry scented candles, but one of their best is the Strawberry Buttercream Candle.  This candle features a more genuine scent of strawberry compared to the “fake” strawberry scent you get with other candles. These strawberry notes combine with a rich “whipped cream” notes to produce a scent reminiscent of a strawberry shortcake. The Yankee Candle Strawberry Buttercream Candle is a good performer, with a decent wax pool and a clean burn.  The throw is good, but would be better suited for smaller, more confined rooms.


Pure Integrity Strawberry Rhubarb Soy Candles

Pure Integrity Strawberry Rhubarb CandlePure Integrity Candles of Williamsville, NY has a wide assortment of soy based candles including their wonderfully smelling Strawberry Rhubarb Candle.  The Strawberry notes are very evident upon lighting the candle.  They are clean & sweet and can quickly fill up the room. The rhubarb fragrance is tart and crisp, but subtle. Both fragrances blend together beautifully.  Pure Integrity candles have a reputation as clean burning, high performing candle with a strong throw.  You can purchase this candle in many different sizes from a 5oz candle size ($9.99) to a 26oz size ($23.99).


Goose Creek Candles Strawberry Jam Candle

Goose Creek Strawberry Jam CandleOne of the better reviewed strawberry scented candles is the Strawberry Jam candle from Goose Creek.  Described by Goose Creek as a combination of strawberries, peaches, caramel, and vanilla, this candle delivered as advertised, smelling of warm strawberry jam. We didn’t detect much in the way of peaches, but the strawberry scent came through very well and in no way smelled artificial. The throw of this candle was very good, easily filling up our family room and spreading into the hallway. You can purchase a 22oz candle on the Goose Creek website for $27.99.



Village Candles Strawberry Candle

Village Candles Fresh Strawberries CandleIf you want a strong strawberry scent, then the Village Candle Strawberry Candle is a great choice.  This candle delivers a strong fragrance of fresh, sweet, vibrant strawberries which will fill your home with the scent of strawberries very quickly.  This candle has a very strong throw, so put this product in a large open room. it burns cleanly and has a deep wax pool when used for an hour or more. A 26oz jar candle can be purchased on the Village Candles website for $25.



Courtney’s Candles Strawberry Vanilla Candle

Courtneys-Candles-Strawberry-Vanilla-CandlesMissouri based candle maker Courtney’s Candles have been producing candles for over 20 years. Known for long burn times (the average 26oz candle will burn for over 200 hours) and stronger fragrances than their competition, Courtney’s Candles has strong customer reviews & online ratings. They make a delightful Strawberry Vanilla candle that has strong notes of strawberries combined with more subtle notes of warm vanilla.  Their strawberry scent is very reminiscent of actual strawberries and doesn’t have the artificial smell other strawberry candles have. You can purchase a 26oz candle from their online store for just $17.95, a great value.

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